Club Talk Plan for the Gospel of Matthew


We are now in the forth year of doing club talks through the gospels. We started in Mark, then John, then Luke, and now on to Matthew! Take a wild guess what we will be doing next year… if your guess rhymes with Zark then you are on to something.

You can read more about the philosophy of it all in earlier posts, but Matthew presents unique issues for going through it in a year. The main one is that it includes the largest sermon in the gospels, the sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7). For our club we did campaigner lessons through this while leading up to club. It could be a good option for you over Christmas break or early January when you might not have club. Also, Matthew has 28 chapters, and many clubs don’t have 28 clubs all year, so we had to be selective a little. On the other hand this unique approach does force us to do talks we might not otherwise do… but I am OK with that since these topics are obviously part of the “gospel” in every way we can (or haven’t yet) imagined. Last, there is a strong Jewish aspect that is very intentional in Matthew, we need not avoid this, but some parts might require a little more research for those prepping club talks and we need to think through how to present this in our talks.

Here is our talk outline for the year:

Here is the basic outline of my talk on Matt. 1 from last Monday.


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