Top Secret Club


It may be counter-intuitive but we had our first club of the year, after Dodgeball and Taco Bell All You Can Eat Club, be “Top Secret” club. Normally you don’t want club to be a secret, but this top secret club was not secret at all.

The part I was most excited about was the daily pictures we posted on our Instagram account. We put YL stickers in secret places around campus and took pictures. Then each day we would post a picture and the first student to find it would then send us a picture of it and they would then win a french fry at In-N-Out after club (yes we go to In-N-Out, which is great but after 12 years of going there every Monday night your body kinda doesn’t like it anymore, which is a bummer since it is In-N-Out).

The club went off pretty smooth, which the exception of the laser obstacle course. I had bought all the lasers and knew how they worked but then had another lead do that part, in retrospect I should have set it up since I knew more how they worked a little better. Anyway, enjoy!

Top Secret Club

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