URGENT: Please don’t buy the counterfeit Spikeball sets people are offering


Thanks to our growing efforts in International South Young Life, we have been able to keep an eye on things that previously we would have missed. Fortunately our YL team in Taiwan spotted a recent product infringement of our new favorite pastime, Spikeball. Spikeball has been all the rage with new staff, forcing an announcement from the upcoming All Staff Celebration spokesperson, Angel Ruiz to say, “Hermanos, we now need a venue which has space for not only 5000+ staff, but also over 1000 Spikeball courts.” 

Do not fall for imitation Spikeball sets. If you look closely you can see the imitation spikeballs have actual spikes on them. The YLHelp team was able to locate a counterfeit example before it was painted yellow. Examine it carefully below to be able to spot the differences. To be on the safe side in future orders, please see the authentic post on Spikeball by our friends at the YLLeaderblog.


Imitation Spikeball

For more information please see this link.

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