Frozen Camp Sing-A-Longs Banned Due to Failed Licensing Negotiations


I have a question for you, do you want to build a snowman? Well, not at YL summer camp. It is time to let it go. In an effort to “get ahead of things”, a source told us that a private meeting happened with representatives from both sides. Apparently the meeting didn’t start on the right note as the YL lead negotiator opened with, “I’m Denny and I like warm hugs.” Things just snowballed from there.

We can’t go into details, but Frozen camp sing-a-longs are now on the banned list, though the list is difficult to locate.

In lieu of Frozen, the “creative committee” at headquarters had a weekly series of conference calls, which were recorded for those who were not able to be on the call. Unfortunately, after the introductions on the call, there was no time left for the call. Another call was scheduled for the next hour but no one could hear each other since one person did not mute their phone. During the call the only thing people could hear was an AD on the team who was playing FIFA while taking care of their children. Do not fret, as there are plenty of alternatives to Frozen songs at camp.

-You can run with a “Melted” theme. Get the kitchen involved, it could be a lot of fun.

-Call it “273 Kelvin”, lots of the staff with degrees in engineering will think it is hilarious. But it might not catch on with everyone else and you might lose (kinetic) energy in the room.

-Just call it “Congelado”, the good folks down at Vida Joven will love it.

OK bye.

For more information please see this link.

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