Old Life Club


Though 37 is the new 20, or so I keep telling myself, eventually we all get old. Even high school kids feel old. For instance, when the 17 year old senior in high school says, “man look at all these immature kids at my school, I’m too old for this… seriously.” Then he proceeds to go home at noon and eat a gogurt while watching anime on his computer while his mom does their laundry and pretty much everything else for him. In this celebration of getting older we are going to have Old Life Club. This is a little different from Old People Club, but not much different.

On a more serious note, you could do a good spin on the club in your talk “old life and new life…” with a  2 Cor 5:17 theme. 

PS… As I am out of my local club for a little bit this semester I am posting all of our clubs each week (partially to remind my team haha!) If you want to fast forward and see them all then see this link. – Sean

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