Comment and Win! Christmas Give-away

In the last week we had our last YL club (Christmas club), an all area WL club (Elf club), and our area leadership party (Class Sweater Night)… And now is one of the best times of the year to catch our breath from the busyness of YL!

I have some exciting things to share around the first of the year, but in the spirit of Christmas I wanted to give some stuff away! I have five gift packages that I will give away. Here are the details:

1. I have five gift packages to give away (nothing fancy, but everyone likes to win something, I know I do!)

2. The way to win is to comment on this post on the blog (if reading via email/FB/Twitter, go to

3. I will choose five winners at random (I’ll use a random number generator based on the number of comments, but only for real comments… I know some YL peeps are smart and might just put their name on here like 100 times ha!). I will contact the winners via email.

4. The deadline will be all the comments by the end of the day on Dec. 25th. So think of it as a Christmas gift from YLHelp!

5. Please answer this question to enter: “How have you seen Christ this semester?” AND/OR “What is one thing you learned this semester that might help others in YL?” Either one is fine.

Enjoy! I hope lots of people enter, if no one does, then someone out there put 5 entries in yourself and I’ll send you all 5 gift packages!

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