Year-End Encouragement… and Winners of our Commenting Give-Away

I hope you are all getting a good break and well deserved rest! Thank you to all those that commented about how God has been working in the past semester, it has been very encouraging to me. Here are some highlights:

With the Lord…

-“I’ve been a volunteer leader for 4 years and have loved every second of it, but this year, I’ve felt weary and tired. I’m learning how to physically rest and also spiritually to rest in Jesus.” – Julie

-“I learned how to handle stress by turning to Christ in tough times.” – Jeff

-Judy said that this website has been helpful for her walk with Christ.

-Marcus shared some encouraging words for us all, “Keep going, fellow leader! It is worth it… until every kid has heard.”

-Katie testified to the seeds that are planted over the long-haul in a community, “He is so good and He is on the move in ALL our communities, we just don’t always see it.”

With their club…

“This is my first semester leading after a year and a half waiting process…” – Richard (who then went on to say how blessed he has been and impacted by the love of God).

-“I’ve seen Christ fill in the voids due to the absence of other leaders. But our club was amazing this year simply (and only) because of Christ!!” – Dave

-Danielle did a “Real Life” club that was the biggest hit of the semester! (See her comment for details).

-Brad was encouraged that, “It’s the smallest senior class we’ve had in the past 4 years but it’s the class that has taken ownership most seriously!”

-Will talked about being left pretty much alone as a senior in leadership, but then to his surprise, “Never would I of thought that I’d be spending my senior year with all sophomores but I would not trade it for anything.“

-Karen said that practicing club has made it much smoother and it has made a huge difference. It is amazing what a little practice will do to create excellence!

With specific people…

-Speaking of a challenging club girl, “I know that God is drawing her to YL for a reason – because of Jesus…” – Alisa

-A leader spending an entire semester training and discipling potential leaders before throwing them in the mix said, “It’s interesting because a semester of training and shadowing is how I came on board as a leader 10 years ago. Glad I’ve finally figured out that it works” – Peder

-Andrea loved seeing kids who attend college YL becoming YL and WL leaders.

-Sarah has seen God moving at OSU as they have tons of YL houses that are all within two blocks of each other. Wow! That sounds like a great environment to be around!

-Anneke shared about spending time with God and others, especially in the midst of hard times, as she has experienced two YL related funerals recently.

Thank you to all who shared. I was excited to pick five random winners and pack up some goodies to share some Christmas cheer. Blessings on you all in the coming year!


(Ben Hogan One-Iron photo from my office not included!)

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