image Last night we did a fun club, iClub. Basically everything had some kind of technology or Apple twist to it.

The mixers was a Words with Friends type game. Everyone got a label with a letter and point value, put it on their forehead and then the guys played the girls by making a word, lining up and grabbing a knee. To do the game you will need this file I made with letters and points, print it out on standard address labels.

Then once again we used the wonderful Polleverywhere web site to do live polling via text message. We did:


  • Best fast food place
  • Favorite soda
  • Best college
  • Best mall
  • Best sport
  • Best rapper
  • Worst smell
  • Cooler YL leader (I lost to a cool college leader guy by a small margin BTW)

We did our normal announcements and introductions via Skype with leaders in another room. Then we did a skit which is basically the enlarging machine skit, but backwards so to speak. It makes everything smaller, the last thing being our biggest guy leader jumps in, and then out comes the smallest girl junior leader dressed exactly the same with a beard drew on, it was funny. She reappeared in the Skype announcements which was fun too. The video is below (if reading this in an email you will need to go to the site to see it).

Here is the club plan:


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