Talk Idea: Prom and Who Do You Say I Am?

imageOver the past few weeks a lot of students in our area have been asking each other to prom. It is a simple question with really only two answers.

We are going through a chapter of Mark each week in our club talks this semester. We are on Mark 8 right now. I knew I wanted to do Mark 8:37-40 where Jesus asks, “Who do you say I am?” That combined with all the prom hoopla led me to put together this club talk.


Below are my notes (formatted to for the size of my Bible) and a simple power point I used to introduce my personal story and the questions I posed. My notes might not make sense to you, most are just reminders of things I already know I wanted to say. I also filled it in with references to people in our club who are going to prom. Hope this might help!

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