Spring Break Club

image You may or may not know that where I sit right now is a hub of Spring Break activity. It is about 70 degrees, sunny, down the street are multiple Spring training MLB games being played right now, it is perfect picnic, golf, kite, pretty much anything you want to do outside weather. Spring is upon us, and so is Spring Break!


We just did our Spring Break club (the week before the students Spring Break). It was a ton of fun. Unfortunately I now have slurpee all over my carpet and walls, but my sweet wife cleaned the carpet while I was out after club doing contact work at In-N-Out. On the bright side, we now know you can buy a gallon of slurpee for $1.79, so we now have a fun and cheap treat for our entire family figured out.

Without any further delay (also so I can go outside any enjoy the weather…), here is our plan.

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