Wiffleball Club

image At my club we love wiffleball. Every Wednesday our guys campaigners is called Wiffleball Wednesday. The first half we play an over-the-line version of Wiffleball in my backyard and then have campaigners.


This Friday at lunch at the school we (YL) are doing a homerun contest. The following day is a big school fundraiser for brain tumor research so for $0.25 kids can take a swing and the longest hit of the day gets a $20 gift card. Then all the proceeds go to brain tumor research, it is a win-win.

Then the following Monday is our Wifleball club. It should be a hit… Get it?

As a side note, I highly suggest finding ways to support worthy causes at the school you do club. It communicates that we don’t only care about “our thing” and are looking for ways to help our community and people in need.

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