Club at McDonalds? Wendys? Taco Bell? Chick-fil-a?

Chairs Here is a question a friend of mine would like some feedback on…

Would you have club at a fast food place?

  • Would you have it there once?
  • Would you have it there for an entire semester?
  • What would be the pros/cons?
  • If you’ve done it, any recommendations?
  • Any funny stories?

Here is my experience… I’ve done club several times at Taco Bell, at a local kids pizza place (Peter Piper Pizza), and maybe somewhere else. I’ve found that these places are very open to having an event on a Monday night if it brings people in. I’ve also been very upfront with them about the songs, the talk, etc. Nothing has phased them. On the plus side I’ve seen people who are just eating there really interested in who we are. On the challenging side, I have at times been worried that a stranger or two was being a little too interested in some of the teenage girls. It is a hard place for proclamation, but I like the oddity of it… Something feels right to me to be at a public place in our community talking openly about Christ to our friends. I’ve never tried more than one meeting a semester doing this.

I’m very eager to hear your input, and I know some of my friends are too… Can you help us by proving some comments?

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