Learning and Finding Lyrics to Songs

One of the best ways to learn the lyrics to a song is to play it at an event at camp. You will inevitably have a young leader or student come up and say, “don’t you know what that song is about?!?!” On the other hand it is also helpful to actually know the words to the songs you sing along to in club. It is embarrassing when a leader has been singing “Brown High Girl” all these years only to find out that is not what the lyrics are. OK maybe it is not that bad. 🙂

I have found a great free program that is linked to my iTunes. It displays the lyrics for whatever song is playing automatically. You can even copy/paste them or whatever you want to do with them. It is a small program that simply does what is supposed to and little more. And again, did I tell you it is free? It is even open-source, for those of you who care.

AutoLyrix Screen

Just as a reminder, if you are going to do a song in club, you need to have purchased a copy of the sheet music and have it with you. 🙂

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