Hannah Montana? No Banana Montana Camp Sell Skit

Banana-Montana I have to be honest. I’ve never seen one episode of Hannah Montana. But I know that it is crazy popular. What does YL do with silly trendy pop stars… we make mock skits of them of course.

With Summer Camp around the corner, let me suggest the following idea which you can tweak to work for yourself.

In case you don’t know, Hannah Montana is the alter-ego of Miley Stewart. Miley is an average girl by day but a famous pop singer by night, Hannah Montana.

How about this. Riley Stewart is a normal high school student by day, but a bigger than life star by night, Banana Montana.

Two characters played by two leaders (or maybe one). Each club they come out one at a time and talk about their favorite parts of camp. Riley highlights the normal part and Banana takes it to the next level.

For example: the blob. Riley says how he is excited to blob his friend, maybe he will blob her 10 feet in the air, “oh and be sure to bring your sunscreen”. (Kinda the nerdy side). Then Riley walks out the door and Banana Montana comes in to loud music. “Waaaaiiit a second… The BLOB… I’M GONNA GO CRAZY ON THAT THING!” You get the idea. You play off the low key to crazy contrast. Maybe, if you have a host or leader who is being interrupted, the leader can play both parts with a super fast costume change. Then the leader give Banana the boot.

Then each week, change the part about camp to highlight. Maybe you show up as Banana Montana on campus and sign autographs.

Did I mention that Banana Montana is in a Banana suit and hands out bananas? Yeah, that should help. The Banana song too.

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