Planning a Talk Through Archery – Part 3 of 4



Plato’s order of perception

  1. Credibility (who are you?)
  2. Compassion (do you care about me?)
  3. Content (what do you have to say?)

Use at least 2 of these: Something…

  1. Personal
  2. Visual
  3. Interactive
  4. Surprising
  5. Tangible

Review your notes and write at least two or three key “feelings” that should be obvious (anger, excitement, frustration).

Give them the “real deal” not what it is “supposed” to be like, but how real is this for you?

Ask: Why should they listen to you?

Club Talk Project Part 3 of 4:

Two things to include:

  1. Personal story of something I didn’t tell my parents.
  2. Visual of hiding a secret. For example a box with a lock on it.

Feelings that should be evident in this talk: Secrecy/Quiet, Relief knowing God loves us still, Surprise when the woman at the well realizes Christ knows her.

Real deal: We all hide. Even today there are things I wish you didn’t know about me, but God does.

Why should they listen to me? Because I am willing to share a personal secret.

(From previous posts…)
Situation: Jim’s parents don’t really know him and he came to club for the social scene.

Club Talk Title: What if your parents knew EVERYTHING you do?

Main Point: Jesus knows everything you do, and it doesn’t phase him. He cares for you.

Scripture: Woman at the well, John 4… Jesus knew everything about her.

Challenge: Give them 20 seconds of silence to think of one thing they would never want their parents/friends/church/YL leader to find out about them.

How this fits everyday life: How does it feel to hide secrets all day?

Get their attention: Start the talk by saying, “Tonight I’m gonna tell you something I never wanted my parents to know, and still don’t.” Wait until late in the talk to tell them. This will create curiosity.

Last sentence: Jesus already knows every secret you will ever have and still longs for you to know Him better.

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