Planning a Talk Through Archery – Part 2 of 4



  • Jesus is the answer. Find scripture from the gospels that show what Christ has to say about this topic. Ask for help if this is hard.
  • Apply it to your life and theirs. Give them a challenge.
  • How does this fit everyday life?
  • What does this look like when it is implemented?
  • Get their attention. Find a personal or interesting story to illustrate the target issue. Most spend too much time on this part.
  • Plan your last sentence, what is the last thing you want to say?

Club Talk Project Part 2 of 4:
Scripture: Woman at the well, John 4… Jesus knew everything about her.

Challenge: Give them 20 seconds of silence to think of one thing they would never want their parents/friends/church/YL leader to find out about them.

How this fits everyday life: How does it feel to hide secrets all day?

Get their attention: Start the talk by saying, “Tonight I’m gonna tell you something I never wanted my parents to know, and still don’t.” Wait until late in the talk to tell them. This will create curiosity.

Last sentence: Jesus already knows every secret you will ever have and still longs for you to know Him better.

(From previous post…)
Situation: Jim’s parents don’t really know him and he came to club for the social scene.
Club Talk Title: What if your parents knew EVERYTHING you do?
Main Point: Jesus knows everything you do, and it doesn’t phase him. He cares for you.

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