Planning a Talk Through Archery – Part 4 of 4


Check the target

Did you hit your mark? Ask for feedback. Ask key kids too.

It is wise before your talk to to ask an experienced leader to listen carefully, and time the talk also. Ask for constructive feedback. You will get a bunch of "great job" and "way to go". Those help and are nice to hear. But it really helps to hear from one or two people:

What should I do again?

What should I tweak next time?

My senior leader always gave me a letter grade (It was always B-, B, B+, A- or A+), one thing to change and 3 things that I did well.

Club Talk Project Part 4 of 4:

(Ask a leader to listen and give constructive feedback afterward).

Intro: I have a secret to tell you. One that my parents still don’t know about…

Transition: I want to tell you about a person who had a secret…

Bible: Read woman at the well in John 4. When Jesus shows that he knows her secret (vv. 17-18) stop (you should show a surprised emotion) and talk about how secrets feel (secrecy). Show a box with a lock on it. Tell them how Christ knew her secret and still loved her.

More: Tell them your secret.

Conclusion: Ask: What is your secret? Give them 20 seconds of silence to think of one thing they would never want their parents/friends/church/YL leader to find out about them.

Last sentence: Jesus already knows every secret you will ever have and still longs for you to know Him better.

Pray and then get feedback sometime that night.

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