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Follow-up is more important than camp. Put another way, discipleship is more important than conversion (since discipleship includes conversion, see Mt 28:19-20). Discipleship is primarily more “caught” than “taught”, so make sure you are a living as a disciple first and foremost. We also are commanded to teach our disciples […]

Live Like This Part 2

I am happy to announce that Live Like This Part 2 is now available. Thank you to everyone for your encouraging emails and comments about Live Like This Part 1. I have continued to find the wisdom found in the Sermon on the Mount to be challenging and rewarding not […]

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Here are some of the top posts on over the past months. They tell me that leaders are looking for help with campaigners, with club, with situations with kids, and a lot with club talks. Very soon I will be telling you about a bunch of help we will […]