Entire Year of Club Talk Plans through the Gospel of John


I’m guessing a lot of you are making your semester plans. Part of our semester planning includes planning out our club talks.

Last year we continued the approach I like to use by going through one of the Gospels all year long. We went through the Gospel of John.

Each week I made a one page handout and a 15 minute (approx.) video with some ideas about how one might approach giving a talk on each chapter of the Gospel of John. We didn’t end up doing John 20 and I was gone all summer so it is missing, but the rest are there. Maybe I’ll go back and do John 20 one day!

I’ve made a zip file with all of the one-page overviews and a one-page summary of the entire year. You can download the file HERE.

You can see all the videos in the YouTube playlist HERE.

I’m heading into an extra busy semester (hopefully finishing up my PhD and a few other big commitments) but, with my sweet wife’s encouragement and requests from leaders in my local YL area, I’ve decided to do “Talk Tuesdays” again this semester. We will be doing Matthew. I’ll keep you updated (mostly on Twitter).

Many blessings on a new year of ministry! –Sean

PS: Thanks for all the encouraging messages about the One Year New Testament. I’m excited so many college freshman groups, leadership teams, leaders, and kids are using it! 

PPS: If you are looking for some campaigner resources, you might want to check HERE.

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