4 Things That Might Help Right Now: One-on-ones Continued, Summer Camp Club Plans, Entertainment Night Skits, Ask YLHelp


I’m about to head out to camp and then soon after that I’m off to my summer assignment. Before I do, I wanted to pass along a few things that might be helpful.

#1 One-on-ones Continued

I asked you all for some input on this, and I got it! Thank you! I had too many good ideas to incorporate them all but here is the scoop… In our area, we are challenging all of our leaders to continue their camp one-on-ones with individual students when they get home. We gave all our leaders the sheet below (and formatted it so it could be folded into a business card size shape for the wallet/purse) and asked them to think through the kids they will be with at camp and pencil-in which activities might be best for them. If you pre-plan and know what you are going to do with kids in advance (though you can always change it), it makes it so much easier. Below is a Word file with the ideas and then a pdf of the formatted file we handed out.

One-On-Ones Continued (Word File)

One-On-Ones Continued (Folded handout PDF file)


#2 Camp Club Plans

Back in the day, I did program… a lot. In the last decade or so I haven’t done many programs, but guess what I’m doing this summer? Program! Woohoo! I know one thing for sure, I’m not the funniest program person, but I am good at writing things down. So, I thought I’d pass along at least one thing to help anyone who might need it: our club plan. It has all the songs and games we are using and all our backup plans. PS… Please make this better and send me your plans if you have them!

Summer Camp Club Plan

#3 Entertainment Night Skits

We might not even do an entertainment night, we might do Ultimate Leader Challenge, but as I was working through our entertainment night plans, I realized there was not a go-to resource for this. So I made one. I borrowed from all over the place to make this, but now it is in one document. At the end of this post is a preview of what is inside the file.

Entertainment Night and Club Skits (Word file)

You can find the best examples of these skits via a playlist I made in YouTube HERE.

#4 Ask YLHelp

This year I really enjoyed making all the Talk Tuesday videos and decided I might try something else via YouTube. I often get questions from people and thought I’d try to answer some via YouTube, so I started something called “Ask YLHelp.” I might do one more video before I am off to my assignment so if you have a question you’d like answered… send it my way (I prefer questions via social media but I’ll take them anyway you want)!
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May many blessings be on you my friends as you take kids to camp. Be prayerful and be bold. Go get ‘em!

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