Who are your 3? Leadership Tree (plus free stuff)


I would like your help.

Personal background: I had several key people pour into me when I became a Christian. The Lord used the intentionality of these people to significantly shape my walk with Christ and also my growth in leadership.

My reality: I think I’m only so-so at doing that for others. It might be that those I look up to set such a high bar that I shouldn’t compare! Nonetheless, I’m always wanting to grow in leadership. One thing I’ve tended to be able to do is to organize things and write them down, so I’m trying to leverage that for this purpose (hence ylhelp).

Here is where I need your help… Will you help me think about the “Leadership Tree”, and “who are your 3?”

Here is the background…

I’ve heard for years from international African Young Life friends how they do great ministry with many people but also focus on three people for a season (about a year). Here is a video about it (with surprisingly only 36 views on YouTube when I re-watched it today! Maybe more on Vimeo, but it doesn’t say.)

The idea is simple and powerful. It is also nothing new, it is virtually the same the observations made in The Master Plan of Evangelism (which is really a book about the strategy of spiritual leadership development: Summary HERE). More importantly, this approach is easily observable in the ministry of Jesus.

For the last year I have been putting a lot of energy into thinking about what this would look like in a local club and in a local YL area. I recently went to a seminar put on by YL Africa friends. I had about a dozen detailed questions (written, of course) I asked them afterward and they graciously shared their wisdom with me for an hour. I see incredible potential and I also see that wisdom is needed.

I would like everyone who reads this to respond to me… especially if you think you are too young/new to YL/a newer Christian/etc. but also if you have some experience doing similar things. I’m mostly thinking on a club level and on a personal level. Here are some questions you could respond to:

1. How many people can you (or most people) realistically “pour your life into”?… Right now (not theoretically).

2. Would you tell these people that they are part of your “3”? Why, or why not?

3. How would you avoid people feeling excluded? Or, is that OK?

4. How often would you meet with these people? Individually? Together?

5. At what point should “you” initiate? When would you expect “them” to initiate?

6. When would you expect them to continue this forward, i.e. they would get their own “3”?

7. What would you do with these people? Or perhaps, what was done for you? Or, what do your currently do?

8. Maybe more importantly: Who are (or would be) your “3” right now?

I have plenty of other questions. I also have plenty of my own answers to these questions, but I’m certain “our” ideas are better than one person’s (my) ideas.

If you received this via email, just hit “reply”. If you see this on the blog, comment. If you see this on social, reply or send a DM. For everyone that replies I’ll email you some great resources for club music, club talks, and campaigners.

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