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This is a great club that overlaps with great contact work. It takes a few weeks to put together but can grab the attention of new people too. It is based around the old game show “Family Feud”. Basically you aim to survey 100 students on several different questions and then your club revolves around playing Family Feud with the answers from the students themselves.

Take a look at our club plan below, but there are two things that will help you a lot.

First, the main way we got responses was through our online survey. We created this as a Google Form and sent it out via Twitter, Facebook, text, etc. You can also make a hard copy and hand them out at club, during contact work, etc.

Here is a link to a form you can copy and edit as your own (be careful as this link is to my example form, if you edit it someone else can use this link to edit it later, make a copy of it and then use the copy to edit your own).



During club you need a PowerPoint file to play the game. I’ve attached the one I use, which works on a PC. To change the answers just move the box with the number which is layered over the answer. It comes complete with buzzer sounds and more. If you try to use this PowerPoint file on a Mac, my Mac friends say that it doesn’t always work correct. Maybe the YL Mac majority out there can make a similar file in PowerPoint Mac or Keynote and pass it along.

Family Feud Power Point

And last, here is our club plan which is basically based around playing Family Feud:

Family Feud Club

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PS… If you are looking for campaigner resources see this post and maybe this too.

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