7 Steps to a Quick Wyldlife Pizza Event in the Park

imageThe other week we had to scramble to come up with an alternative club/event after school for one of our Wyldlife clubs. Here is what we did:

1. Supplies: We went Little Caesars and ordered eight hot and ready pizzas. We also got 4 extra boxes (free), and an order of breadsticks.

2. Location: We told kids to meet us at the park next to the school.

3. Game #1 Pizza Pull: Make two single file lines and then have a kid sit on an empty pizza box and have a partner pull them by the legs down about 20 feet and then around a cone (or another box). It is a race to see who can have everyone in their line finish first (have them sit down after their turn).

4. Game #2 Bread Pass: Same two teams and lines, this time you have them put a breadstick under their chin and race around the cone, then pass it to the next person in line (like the old orange pass game). First team to have everyone go wins (have them sit down after their turn).

5. Game #3 Pizza Eat: Pick 4 kids and take 4 slices and put them on a table or park bench, have them put their hands behind their back, first one to finish eating their slice wins.

6. Talk Walk: Pull everyone together and give a two minute talk that tells them at Wyldlife we get to know each other deeper and talk about real life and that our leaders have found real life in Jesus Christ (read John 10:10 or a similar passage if you can). Break up the kids into as many groups as you have leaders, same gender (20 guys, 5 guy leaders = 4 kids per group). Have them walk twice (or however many times as needed) around the park, giving space for each group to be a little on their own. Have the leader tell their mini (2-4 min) testimony and then ask three questions of each student 1) What is one challenge you face right now? 2) What do you think Jesus can do in that situation? 3) How can I pray for you?

7. Pizza: End by praying for the food and eating the rest of the pizza.


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