6 Thoughts on Leader Feedback AND an Auto Template to Send Out

imageI believe feedback is important for leadership development. The Christmas break is a good time to ask people for their thoughts. Here are six thoughts about feedback.

Three things online feedback CAN do:

1. Help you make mid-course corrections while you still can for the year.

2. Some will be more honest online than they would in person.

3. Get lots of feedback that otherwise would take a LOT of time in meetings (which is virtually impossible during Christmas break).

Three things online feedback CANNOT do:

1. Replace vision, getting direction from the Lord

2. Replace face-to-face meetings

3. Implement change and adjustments on its own

I’ve set up a copy of the form we are using. I was hoping to share with you as a template via Google templates but Google templates are broken (what?) Alternatively, follow the link and if you want me to “share” it with you, email me back, or comment back, or tweet me, or send smoke signals. I will share it with you and then you can create a copy in Google Docs and send it out for your own club. This will also let you edit it as desired. I sent it out via our leader Facebook group and got a great response quickly. Optionally in Google Docs you can set up the form to send you an automatic summary of responses (Tools > Notification Rules).

Don’t expect too much, don’t read too much in the responses (or the lack thereof), but this can be an easy way to engage people over the break and improve your leadership at the same time!

Survey Link: http://goo.gl/dSfgah

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