Camp Blitz (3 of 5): What To Do At Camp With A New Christian

imageLord willing, you will have the privilege of introducing, or reintroducing one of your teenage friends to Jesus Christ this summer while at a YL or WL camp. Here are a couple suggestions of what to do:

  • Pray with them and let them say in their own words what they believe about the Lord
  • Within the next hour or two, challenge them to tell one or two of their close friends at camp about the decision that they made
  • Within the next 24 hours, get them a Bible, underline 3 of your favorite verses, write them on the inside cover with a note and the page number to find them. Tell them to read them, then on the bus, or sooner, read them together and talk about them. (The camp staff should be able to find you a Bible to give them, even if it is day one at camp, if not, find your area director, they will buy one for the student.
  • Tell them about the say-so and new Christian walk
  • If you have more than one day, meet with them each morning to pray together and read at least one Bible verse together
  • Tell them about your campaigner plan after camp
  • Tell them you are bringing them to church with you when you get home (and buy them lunch afterward to talk about it)

Imagine you just delivered a baby and you need to take care of that baby in order for it to grow and be healthy. The student is the Lord’s but He has put us in place to care for them. It is an eternal privilege to lead someone to the Lord, and a temporary responsibility of upmost importance.

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