Camp Key Tag Reminder For Names


For our all area leadership meeting last night we spent a lot of time worship and asking the Lord to put specific names on our heart for summer camp. We were specifically waiting for five names each. After time in prayer, waiting, then more prayer, and then searching through our phones and fb lists and events, I handed out old fashioned key tags. On the front side (the part you can see), imagewe wrote the name of our camp (Woodleaf for our YL trip, Lost Canyon for our WL trip). But, then on the back we wrote the five names of people we are praying for and asking to come to camp (this is hidden and can’t be seen). This will be a reminder for us every time we grab our keys.  As a group we lifted up each name in prayer and were reminded about the significance of salvation. I’m looking forward to a leader meeting after our camps this summer to review our key tags and to see what the Lord has done.

We were pressed for time so we had to go to several Walmarts to find enough of these, but you can find the same ones here in bulk.

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