URGENT: “Clubble” Banned for Club


Two years ago, we were thrilled to share the great new club idea of the “clubble”, or “club in a bubble”. Since then, it has taken the YL world by storm! We’ve heard reports of the clubble being used for club, for messy games, for dance parties, at YL camps, all over the place!









We find it bittersweet that such a great thing has has now been banned for use in club. Somehow many of us overlooked the simple fact that the clubble is basically a huge plastic bag, sealed up, and then we put people inside. Plainly put, this is a choking hazard. This simple picture below can illustrate what can look like for a clubble on a smaller scale…


Similarly, this is what it could look like for a WL clubble event…


Please keep this in mind for future events. For more information please see this link.

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