Wyldlife Parents Info Magnet–Works Like Magic!

imageHere is an idea that will really stick with you… Sorry for the pun, but it was too hard to pass up. But really, here is a great idea passed along to my from Tanita Maddox from Santa Barbara, CA…

I heard about this from an AD forever ago, and I finally did it. Because parents of junior high kids run their kids’ schedule, we all know its important to get WyldLife info into parents’ hands. This year, I ordered magnets from http://www.custommagnetsdirect.com/Rectangle_Square_Magnets  that have the year’s club schedule, website, and team leader contact info. This way, it can be thrown on the fridge where parents can be reminded of WyldLife events for the year. All I had to do was upload a photo and the magnets look great.

We are sending them to our WL mailing list and bringing them to our first WL kick off for kids and parents. Then we plan to have them available at club when new kids/parents come throughout the year.

I think this is a great idea. Anyone who works with junior high students knows that parents basically hold the keys (literally) to them being involved with WL. You probably also know that a piece of paper will likely get lost, forgotten, or thrown away, minimizing any chance for it to get to the parents. I think a magnet is a great way to stand out. It also forces the WL team to make their plans way in advance, which will help everyone involved (leaders, students, parents). I could even see kids planning their birthday parties and other activities around a calendar like this if it was established well in advance. Tanita tells me that the cost was about $1 each but it depends on how many you order.

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