“War Room” Meeting NOT in the Morning?

image For anyone out there who has done a summer camp assignment, I could use your input…

Tradition at most YL camps is to have a “war room” room meeting in the morning. Usually this consists of a short devotional and prayer (10-20 minutes), then there is a review of the daily schedule and details with the assignment team, camp guest services and maybe a few more people.

Has anyone ever seen this done at a different time in the day? Maybe before lunch or in the early afternoon? I’ve heard of it once on an assignment and I would like to look at it as an option for this summer (I’m a camp director but have previously done the traditional morning meeting in the past). I know this is an unusual post for YLhelp but I thought some of you out there might have some good input! Put it in the comments or look in the “about” tab to find me on Facebook.

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