Kidnap Club

image Usually once or twice a year we do a kidnap club. We did one last Spring. I think timing is key on this club. You can do it when things aren’t looking good, using it as a boost when numbers are low. But I think it is best utilized when you see things picking up and there is a positive energy in club.


I sensed this a few weeks ago in our club. We started the year with some fun clubs and lots of new people coming. Our junior leaders were doing a great job and everything was clicking. It was the perfect time for a kidnap club. As it turned out we doubled the size of our club and had the biggest club in eight years. It was an huge encouragement to our team. Numbers don’t mean anything, but they sure can be an encouragement along the way. We were encouraged and are excited to connect with these kids. Surely our numbers will normalize, but our kidnap club is a great tool in our semester plan.

This year we just had club start later and had people kidnap people on the way to club. In case you have no idea what kidnap club is, basically kids go and unannounced show up at their friend’s homes and strongly encourage them to come with them to YL. If done in a fun way, it can be great. I always talk to a couple key guys who might take it too far and tell them to not take it too seriously.

By the way, the text message mixer went really well. The website is really great. We used the free version.

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