Kidnap and Minute to Win it Club

image I realized the other week that we had not done a kidnap club in a long time. So BOOM! Kidnap club was in full effect. We had about 20 new people and used the great Minute to Win it relay that Emma described. It was a ton of fun and a great intro to YL fun for the new people. The club fell on a sin talk night, but as it turned out the week earlier a recent graduate had suddenly died. So it was a God moment when Kendra spoke about how sin ruins life the way it was meant to be. I normally wouldn’t plan a kidnap club on sin talk night, but God knew what he was doing.


Do you have any suggestions about how to do a successful Kidnap club?

P.S. I’ve had a great response to the new campaigners resource, Live Like This, a lot of people have contacted me on the blog and personally to get a copy, but I still have 3 more review copies left if you are interested. Check the original post here. Also people have started ordering Cabin Time Continued for camp follow-up, thanks!

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