Minute To Win It – Part 1

Ever since I saw the commercials for the new show Minute To Win It on NBC, I knew it would be great for YL ideas. My friend Dan made a great discovery… Over 70 clips are available on Hulu.com that explain the games. Only problem… I don’t have time to review 70 clips. So I thought I’d embed them a few at a time and let you all make comments to help morph these into club games.

So have at it… watch the clips and try to come up with a detailed game that could work in club, complete with supplies needed, how many people are needed, how to explain, how to win, etc.

1. Whack Job

2. Face The Cookie

3. Bobble Head

4. Egg Roll

5. Whippersnapper

6. Don’t Blow the Joker

7. Separation Anxiety

8. This Blows

9. The Nutstacker

10. Ping Tac Toe

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