Couch Olympics

IMG_0274 I got an idea from a friend in an email for a scavenger hunt with a twist. It is Couch Olympics.We did it yesterday and tons of the kids texted me and wrote on Facebook… “Best YL Ever!”

Basically it is a photo scavenger hunt but you take the pictures in a couch which you take with you from place to place. We had two teams, each with a truck and a couch. I’d highly recommend leaders drive big cars and maybe even get some volunteers to help drive. We even stopped at some committee people’s house to take a picture with them.

Here is what we used. Enjoy! (Be safe on this one)

You can check out my Facebook for more pictures. I also did a talk about receiving Christ and the Holy Spirit coming to live in you, I used this video. Never did a talk like that before. Have you? I might share more on that later.

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