Road Rally!

image This is a great alternative club you can do. The Spring semester can be pretty long for kids and leaders, this can help mix it up. Here is what my friend Charles from Las Vegas told me about…

“All of our kids and leaders were told to dress up in weird outfits or costumes, bring a digital camera, and meet at one spot (Oxford Park) at 7:15PM.  There, we gave directions being pretty stern on drivers only driving and not making phone calls or texts and to no speed, and obey the law. A team is whoever’s car you’re in.  We released the first team starting at 7:30PM and released one team one at a time in about 3 minute increments and wrote down what time they started on their sheet. When all the teams are released, I headed to the last hangout spot.  They had one hour to complete as many tasks as they can before they met at the hangout spot (East Side Pizza).  You want to have a couple of volunteers (maybe committee or a leader in training) to take scores, and observe the pictures and items they brought because it’s a pretty exhaustive process, and the kids get pretty competitive. Teams literally come running through the door in hopes that they make it on time.  You accept their sheet, look at the clock, and indicate it on their time of arrival.  You take whatever items they brought and their digital camera and give it to the scorekeeper.  While waiting for the scores, you can give announcements, show the camp video, and meet the new kids that are there.   In the beginning, expect a bunch of phone calls from parents concerned about the logistics.  In the end, you have a restaurant full of dressed up kids in weird costumes psyched about what they had just did the last hour.”

Sounds like an awesome event. I’m gonna try it. I recommend leaders drive. Maybe get other adults to drive too.

Here is the sheet they use. Thanks Charles!

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