What Would You Do For a Buck?

playing-cards My friend Brian sent me this great idea…

“At Club these past weeks, we have done a game called "What would you do for a buck?"  One kid is chosen by the crowd to do something crazy like drink a blended Happy Meal, and that kid invites all their friends to Club that night and encourages them to bring $1.  $30-$45 is the norm for one crazy stunt at our Club and the student is given the option to keep the cash or turn it in for camp.  If they use it for camp, we double it!

“A boy named Richard came this past week and gave us a $10 bill. We asked if he wanted change.  He confidently smiled and said, "No change.  Keep it all."  You see, Richard was the boy doing the crazy thing that night, and he really wanted to go to camp.  He took his last $10 and turned it in, knowing that money would be doubled for camp.  Richard doubled down.” 

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