The Truth About “The Truth About You”

The Truth about You Here is a great piece advice: Find something in which you have found success, something that you look forward to doing, something that makes time fly by, something that is incredibly easy for you to focus on and something that fulfills a need of yours… and then do it. Find ways to do it in your job, no matter what your job is. Find ways to incorporate that into your relationships, your free time, anywhere and everywhere. This is Marcus Buckingham’s advice in “The Truth about You: Your Secret to Success”.

I work with so many college and young career friends of mine who are constantly trying to figure out what the heck they should be doing with life. Buckingham provides some good help in “Now, Discover Your Strengths” and this book and others of his have been helpful for some of my friends and even personally.“

This is not new advice, but it is concise and timely for nearly everyone. It would be a good primer for someone who is new to the idea of personal strengths or who has spent little time in personal professional development. You can find some more detail about my experience with this book here.

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