Mustache Club

mustache man Here is a fun idea for a club from my friend AJ in SD…

First and foremost, sell the club for a few weeks so that everyone can try and grow a sick stache (typcially in March and call it Mustache March after Furry February).

Then for games-

Color a mustache on everyone’s finger and have them play a form of Captain, Gunner, Sailor except it’s

Mustache, Unibrow, Sideburns

Mustache – one person stands there while someone else puts their finger under the persons nose

Unibrow – one person stands there, other puts up a mustache, and the other puts up a unibrow

Sideburns – one person stands there and puts up a mustache, other puts up a unibrow, two people put up sideburns on each side.

Pin the mustache on the Area Director (or any leader).

Blind fold kids and give them a mustache that they then try and pin on a picture of the Area Director

Call up game –

If there’s a leader with lots of facial hair (i.e. Josh Fulkes) you can raffle off a chance to get to cut and shave that person’s entire body.

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