Team Meeting Kickoff: Connecting

My YL team has a lot of new leaders and junior leaders. To add to that, we have another club joining with us temporarily while they re-strengthen their club. All that to say: we gots lots o’ people on our leadership team. But, they don’t all know each other super well.

Last week we had a two-and-a-half-hour meeting with the sole purpose of “connecting.” Connecting at the beginning of the semester is crucial for teams. In case it is helpful, I thought I’d pass what we did in case you could use any of it.

Meeting Plan

  • Intro Prayer
  • Food
  • Show and tell: While we ate everyone presented one thing that they brought from their house to help introduce themselves.
  • Devotional: I chose to share Jesus’ command to love one another. My point was that our love for one another is a proclamation tool in our club (Jn. 13:34-35).
  • Mixer 1: Get to know you questions (Speed Circle) Details HERE (This is really fun)
  • Break
  • Mixer 2: Homemade Composite Portraits (Silly and fun) Details HERE (I made this up, it was fun)
  • Prayer: Pray with a group of two or three people, when finished, feel free to leave.

This Thursday we will have our big semester planning meeting. If you need ideas for that, see my post HERE.

I hope and pray you all have your best year ever telling everyone: You were made for Jesus Christ!