YL Square Dance How-To (Video and Cheat Sheet)


Howdy Partner! Many moons ago the infamous Rick Wilson pulled me aside and taught me how to lead the square dance at summer camp. I’ve been doing it ever since. Sometimes I do it for our club. I just did it for our year end leader party. A Crossfit gym recently wanted me to do it for their member party (I said no…)

Anyway, I thought I’d put together a how-to video and a download sheet for anyone who is interested. The video turned out a little longer than I hoped but I tried to pack it with lots of tips. You can obviously skip to the parts that are relevant for you. Here is the outline of the video:

1. Setup

2. Oh Johnny Oh

3. Virginia Reel

4. A Special Surprise…

You can find the video HERE (tiny.cc/ylsquaredance)

I also put together a one page cheat sheet for those who might want that. You can find it HERE. Enjoy!

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