Semester Prep: Leadership Planning – 2 Things Every Area Should Consider This Spring


If you want to reach “every kid” you can’t do it alone… but too many try that and wear themselves out while unfortunately not reaching all that many. The Master Plan of Evangelism is a classic study on how Jesus called, trained, and sent others to spread the net far and wide. To reach “every kid” we need to develop great leaders. Here are two things that every area should consider for the Spring…

1. Junior Leaders

2. FYL (First Year Leadership)

Right after our Spring Break we begin our junior leader training. You can find the full details in this post. You will need to identify people for the invitation-only training, and by the end of the training you will have quality juniors and seniors the following year ready to reach your school further. By the way, these people will likely be your best leaders leader after high school too. The time to start on this is now, make plans to have this ready right after Spring Break.

During the Spring we put together a list of graduating seniors and what they will be doing the following year. We invite all those who are roughly in the campaigner category to our FYL info night. We give them vision for their freshman year, or first year out of high school, and have current college leaders speak to them too. Over the years people with incredible options elsewhere have decided to stay local because of the vision and community they see in our FYL group, which is primarily an in-depth Bible study. You can get the full details in this post.

The Lord has blessed our area in major ways, the picture above is our area at weekend camp, we needed six buses. When I ask people what are the most important things they want me to focus on as the Area Director they always say two things: 1) FYL, and 2) Junior Leaders. Don’t worry about the numbers, focus on the methods Jesus used to give leadership and ministry away to others and you will be blessed.

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