Video Spotlight: Top YL Harlem Shake Videos

If you blink, it will be gone, but before you blink, you might want to grab yourself a helmet and jump on the Harlem Shake video train and make one yourself. Like I said in a tweet… #theharlemshakewasmadeforthis.

If you search Youtube for “Young Life” AND “Harlem Shake” and then sort by view count (or just click here) you will see the top YL Harlem Shake videos right now. As of this moment, here are the top 4…

Fourth Place – Taco Bell (2,119 views)

Third Place – Whyel (2,772 views)

Second Place – JMU (9,861 views)

First Place – Chattanooga YL in the Clubble (15,697 views)

If you made a video, comment and let us know so we can check it out!

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