ASC YL Celebration 2012 Meetup if anyone is interested after social media seminar

I’m guessing there are a few YLHelp readers who will be heading to Florida this week for the ASC YL Celebration, Young Life’s conference for staff which is every four years. I know my wife and I are really looking forward to it!

I want to put a plug in for the Social Media seminar where my friend Chad Swanzy and others will be sharing great ideas about social media and such. I will be in the crowd taking copious notes from the best!

If interested, I wanted to invite anyone who wants to chit-chat and meet in person to simply meet up near the front after this seminar, ummm lets say to the right of the stage (though I have no idea how the room will be laid out). It would be great to say hi and meet a few of you who have been gracious enough to send me your great ideas and add helpful comments to the posts.

If you are looking for me, my twitter is @seanmcgever and I look like this (with my youngest daughter and future ASU cheerleader!):



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