Hidden Valley Ranch Taste Test

Our club is finishing up the semester tonight with a Ugly Sweater Christmas party. We begin the night with Christmas cookies, my wonderful wife makes a bunch of cookies and then we let kids decorate them with icing and frosting. We try to keep it clean, but if you are wondering if 50, 75, or even 100+ kids can do this, the answer is yes! We also have a small Christmas tree in our hallway with small Christmas ordainments that each club kid can write their name on and put it up on the tree. We had that up for the last two weeks and it will stay up until after Christmas. After the cookies, we will sing some Christmas songs, then do a huge white elephant gift exchange (the key is a really strict time keeper!), and then tonight we are doing a leader cardboard testimonies followed by a leader panel Q&A time.


I know lots of people have been looking up Christmas club plans and finding them here and a club talk idea here, so it may be too late to pass along new club info today. So in lieu of that I wanted to share with you a hilarious video from SNL that can be done as a skit. Megan from North Carolina sent it my way and I was laughing so hard I was crying. This could be a fun skit to do in the Spring, or maybe some of you have time to sneak it into your last club. Thanks Megan!

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