Fall 2011 Club Plan Overview

image Last Saturday we planned out our Fall 2011 clubs. I’ve mentioned it before but here is how we do it:

  1. I ask each leader to come with three new fully planned themed clubs (mixer, game, skit, additional fun things to spice it up)
  2. I write all of their ideas on a board with minimal explanation (do this part quick)
  3. We review the list to see if there are any obvious clubs that are basically the same, and then combine them
  4. I have everyone take a piece of paper and write down their top 5 (you could do as many as works for you obviously)
  5. This part may sound lame, but… I have them close their eyes and raise their hands as I say each club and I write down how many people voted for it (I don’t want people to think their idea was bad or know who did or did not vote for their ideas)
  6. When we are done I circle the top ideas. This semester we needed nine new clubs.
  7. Since I am the senior leader, I make some executive decisions about some of the clubs, but usually 95% of it is what we vote for.
  8. We then break up into teams and plan the clubs in detail.
  9. We finally come back together, explain our plans, tweak the ideas as a group and write them down.


This takes about 3 hours, but it saves you a ton of time during the semester so you can focus on prayer, contact work, relationships, team building, and all the rest. Hope that helps. Here is what we came up with, I will post the details as we type them up and fine-tune them.

If you need other great ideas you can also look here and here.

Oct 3 – Dub Step

Oct 10 – YL Club

Oct 17 – Bigger and Better

Oct 24 – Chipotle Club

Oct 31 – Halloween Club

Nov 7 – 80’s Workout

Nov 14 – Sock Club

Nov 21 – Turkey Club

Nov 28 – iClub

Dec 5 – Postit Note

Dec 12 – Duct Tape

Dec 19 – Christmas Club

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