Talk Idea: Finding Your Real Home

I’m doing the talk tonight and I had already decided to use Mark 1:9-11, the baptism of Jesus. I was hoping to talk about the incarnation and the start of Jesus’ ministry.

My wife told me of an amazing news story about a woman who, for years, thought she must have a different set of parents, things just didn’t add up with the family she grew up with. Maybe you heard about this story, her name is Carlina White. Basically she was snatched away from the hospital as an infant and raised by another family. Then over the years she grew skeptical of her family and had a hunch that she was from another family. She searched Google, then a national database of abducted children and then got in touch with the police and eventually told them, “I don’t know who I am”. Here is a news clip:

So here is my plan for my talk tonight…

1. Introduce the story of Carlina White and show this clip

2. Transition: This is an amazing story of a person truly being who they really are…

3. Bible: Mark 1:9-11. Intro birth of Jesus, we don’t know that much about his as a boy, then read and explain Jesus’ baptism. Focus on verse 11 “You are my son”. Jesus was raised by Mary and Joseph but is truly God’s son.

4. Ending story: My own story of becoming a Christian when I was 16 years old and realizing my truest identity is that I am God’s son and I want to live for Him and with Him.

5. Challenge: Do you ever ask the same question Carlina White asked, “I don’t know who I am?” At Young Life we want you to know God is looking to answer that question for you.

What are your thoughts about this story?

How could you use this in a club talk?

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