Camp Review… Unity Outfits

image Almost all the summer YL camps I go to have a day when you have a cabin unity competition that encourages matching cabin uniforms. For some of us, we are running around the day before camp trying to pull something together. I have an idea… Let’s make list of as many as we can think of and then I will re-post these before camp next summer to remind us all of some options.

To get you thinking, here are a couple I’ve seen recently…

  • Braveheart (kilts, face paints, etc)
  • Where’s Waldo (striped shirts and glasses)
  • That crazy thing with balloons stuffed in panty hose that are worn as a hat (know what I’m talking about?)
  • Nerds with shirts (dollar store dress shirts with ties and nerd glasses, briefcases if possible)

There are a ton more. What have you seen? List as many as you can!

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