Club Talk and Campaigners Sync Intro

YLHelp-Sync-Logo We are very excited to announce a wide-spanning project called “Sync”. Simply put, the first project is a weekly club talk through a story in each chapter of the book of Mark with a corresponding Campaigner plan. Here are some thoughts behind it:

  • Club talk resources can really help new and experienced leaders plan club talks
  • Campaigners often needs an extra boost, having a ready-to-go Bible study makes it easier
  • I have found it is easy to follow-up with a campaigners based on the club talk rather then introducing a whole new topic
  • A major strength of our club talks is that they are Christ-centered, lets try more of that in Campaigners
  • Often times in Campaigners I find myself asking the question, “what should we cover?”. This lets the author of Mark have a say in that.
  • The Gospels and the Gospel of Mark are the outline of our traditional club talk sequence, so it will flow naturally with most club talk semesters.

I have invited a bunch of the best speakers and YL people I know to help on this project. Each week will combine the ideas of some of the best people out there. Even better, we can collaborate through the comments on each post to improve them. We will be adding about one per week until we get through Mark!

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