Hype! How to Get Lots of Kids to Club

PlanetHype_1024 One of my favorite things about YL is our focus on relationships. Because of that many of the clubs I have been a part of have a natural limit of how many kids will be at club. That is because most of the clubs I’ve been in are relationally-driven. One of the clubs I was in was more about the "scene". This brought in more kids just because it was the thing to do. This is not to say that you couldn’t do both.

I’ve been at my current club for seven years now. It has always been a good size, but nothing huge. I like how it is. This semester we want to give it some hype. To try to get it big, even if just for a little bit. Kinda like a shot of steroids, but legally. By the way don’t do steroids.

  • What have you done to hype-up, or get more kids to your club?

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