The "Lets Help Share" Contest

I hope you’ve enjoyed what we are trying to do at

One of the founding principles is that we can all benefit from our collective knowledge-base. I have two things in mind I’d like to see grow: subscribers and comments. If those two things can grow, then we all have a better chance of sharing the love (and making our YL planning, ideas and strategies better and easier).

So here is the contest:

1) Send an email to YL friends, leaders, etc about Ask them to consider signing up for a subscription at this link:

2) Make a comment at the bottom of this page of how many people you sent it to. I will give you one chance for each person you email, then I put all of them together and I will do a random drawing for a prize pack of some of my new YL stuff that I have (see below). I’ll be using the honor system on this. 🙂 So basically the more you email the better the chance of winning.

(BTW, I can see your email address but others can’t so it is kinda anonymous)

I will determine the winner on Sept 19th. Have fun!



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