5 Club Games That Might Be New to You

Here are 5 new games for club that might be new to you:

Fly-swatter 1. Fly Swatter Fencing
Not sure if this is on the site, but it should be. Buy two fly swatters from the dollar store. Two people. Stand facing each other with swatters extended. The goal is to hit the other person with the fly swatter, and after each hit you line up again. First one with three hits win. This game can be greatly enhanced with football helmets, hockey gloves, fencing uniforms (?), and a strobe light.

COTTONBALL 300S 2. “Cotton Ball and Bad Breath” (you’ll see why)
Like the cotton ball competition everyone has vaseline on their nose and then a cotton ball sticking to the vaseline. The object of the game is to blow everyone else’s cotton ball off thier nose (without using any limbs or body parts) while keeping your cotton ball on your own nose. It’s really fun, try it out!

3. Ice Weight Gainscale1
As part of an Olympics series this year, we played a new game we called “Ice Weight Gain” that turned out to be quite hysterical. people. One person on each team puts on a large pair of sweat pants and then you have a ‘”weigh-in.” Each team has 1 or 2 minutes to see how many pounds of ice they can drop into the sweat pants using only bare hands, one hand at a time.

4. Egg Blow egg-broken-98g
Use a funnel to put egg into half-inch clear plastic tubing. Two kids standing five feet apart try to blow into opponent’s mouth. Leader must hold tube so kids don’t blow egg into crowd.

5. Gummi Fishgummi fish

Show guys two cups with live goldfish and two with just water. Blindfold them and replace the goldfish with cups that have gummi fish in the water. Have the guys choose a cup and then drink. They’ll think they are drinking a real fish. ** You should coat the cups with a little oil or Pam so the gummi fish don’t stick to the cup (Tip from Hugh – thanks!)

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